Step 5 Accepting Negativity As A Learning Experience June 6, 2018

When I was a kid, I used to watch those commercials…you know the ones; children and babies in third world countries, starving, all skin and bones, and dying.  Those commercials used to make me cry.  I grew up wondering why innocent people have to suffer.  Why are people born into that type of situation?  It really used to depress me. In this step, Stuart explains that since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we know best what experiences we need to have, before coming to our physical world.  We choose the basic circumstances of our lives.  So, when we see someone that is suffering, we can acknowledge that they, just like us, are having an evolutionary experience.  We are all experiencing things that help us to grow. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean not to help out if we can, it just means that we can detach with love, and not feel sorry for people as though they are less than we are.  We all have the capacity for growth, and growth comes from challenging times.

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I know in my life, there have been times where I am sick of what I have been allowing in my life and finally say to myself, “I’m sick and tired of this.  I need to make some changes.”  Most of these changes have been in my own attitudes and beliefs about everything.  Especially negativity.  Now, whenever something happens that I would have judged as a negative experience in the past, first I give it a chuckle, then I look, really look to see what I will learn from the experience.  What has begun to happen is that what I once perceived as negative, turns into a positive.  I allow it to unfold without judging it.  It’s really an amazing thing to witness!

I have a good friend who put this into practice when her son died.  I am a witness to the amazing way she has handled what most would view as a tragedy.  She knows that he continues to live on, and he fulfilled what he came to do this time around.  It has brought her an enormous amount of peace.  I’ve gained so much strength from watching her during that time.

Let me know what you think, and how you have overcome negativity & challenging times.

Step 4-The Courage To Accept Spirit As Your Inner Guide-Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stuart says that, “the journey away from the ego toward the Infinite Self, is a journey through a fog.  You’re only going to be able to see a few steps in front of you.”  He explains that the way that you know you are growing and making progress is that you will be provided with more choices in your life.  Situations in your life will be less definite, and you won’t be able to predict what will happen in the future.  Life becomes more about what is happening now, instead of always planning for tomorrow.  You’ll just know that you feel good now, in this moment.

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I think that if I can really practice & learn to live by these words, that there will be a freedom in living.  No matter what comes my way.  I have this new road before me, this new work environment, with a lot of new people.  Some give me a grim viewpoint of how things are there.  But I’ve decided not to buy into that, because I want to see what comes to me.  Their reality, I believe in some ways are of their own making.  I mean, if I decide, right now, right this minute, that this workplace is without opportunity, then my actions will show that belief, and that’s what I’ll get back.  If I determine instead, that there is opportunity in everything and anything that comes to me, my actions will reflect that as well, and then there will be opportunity for me, even if others are not having the same experience as I am.

One of the things that I enjoy most, is seeing which personalities in the workplace gravitate towards me.  I like to see what types of energies in people like to link up with my energy.  I’m pleasant at work, but not over talkative, and my nature is a bit shy, so I have a lot of fun seeing who and what gravitates towards me.  Kind of like a magnet.  I don’t verbalize how great I think I am, but by caring and doing my best, others verbalize it to others for me.  More opportunity is coming to me, virtually effortlessly, by not forcing my opinions, and being willing to help out when asked.  It’s really a cool thing to sit back and see what my energy brings to me; it’s an adventure.

Let me know in the comments what you believe your energy is bringing to you.  Are you happy with it, or could you improve things?

Step 4-The Courage To Accept Spirit As Your Inner Guide-Friday, May 11, 2018

This step is all about relying on your subtle feelings as opposed to using logic, and thought processes. It’s snowboarding down the mountain effortlessly, instead of struggling up the mountain with your snowboard on.   pexels-photo-848599.jpeg

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and sometimes I’m pretty good at it.  Other times, not as much.  Sometimes the feeling, or message comes in loud and clear.   Other times, I’m not sure if it’s a thought, or a choice, or it’s my inner guide.  This morning when I went to work, I pulled into the shopping center parking lot that I always park in.  It’s a very busy parking area. I looked to where I usually park, and it didn’t feel right.  So, I thought…hmm, a little further down.  Then I looked to the right, and thought, maybe I’ll park to the right.  I decided to continue on down and park on the left side.  But there had been a subtle feeling to park to the right.  The feeling was extremely subtle.  I went into work and had a good day.

After working, when I came to my car, I immediately noticed the chipped paint, and scratches on my rear bumper.  Damn!  Another driver, backing out, had hit me.  Not enough to dent my car, but enough to notice.  The thing is, I finally got my bumper replaced two weeks ago, after a year of driving around, looking terrible.  Two weeks ago!  Seriously!  No note or anything left on my windshield.  On my way home, I remembered that I had a feeling that morning to park on the right.  I told my inner guidance that they need to be louder next time.  I mean really, there have been times where I literally hear a voice telling me to do something, or the idea that pops into my head is so strong and sure, that there is no question about whether I should follow through or not.  But this time, the thought wasn’t much stronger, than just a passing thought.

Stuart says honing this skill takes practice, and what’s important is that we just begin.  I suppose, like anything, it’s a process, and if it can work with small things, like where to park my car, it will work with bigger things, that matter even more.



Step 3-Having The Courage To Go Beyond-Tuesday, May 2, 2018

In step 3, Stuart tells us to, “agree with yourself, in a quiet moment of prayer or contemplation, that you do have the courage to be different. You will change, and you will fight the ego’s lack of energy by embracing a few new ideas.”  This may seem like an easy thing to do, but for me, isn’t so simple.

In my job search recently, I decided to expand how far in distance I am willing to travel for work.  For decades, I have only been willing to drive no further than about 2o minutes one way.  Granted, most of those years, I was primarily taking care of my children.  But in the past 4 years, there really hasn’t been any other reason not to travel further, if  the opportunity seemed good, other than the fact that I absolutely loathe commuting.  A daily one hour drive in traffic is about as painful to me as getting a tooth pulled! pexels-photo-1031698.jpeg

But, I am committed to opening up my horizon’s and I figured that there may be more chances for success in the city.  So, I took a job that has a 45 minute commute one way.  I’m in my second week, thankfully, my manager asked that I come in earlier, so my drive is about 35 minutes long.  Not too bad.  But, just as Stuart mentions, the ego is not going to like what I’m doing to change, and will argue with me with, ‘logic and emotion.’  I find myself, on a daily basis, bemoaning the way people drive in the city.  I avoid at least one accident per day, if not more.  I have to walk, God forbid, across a busy intersection to get to work, as parking is over a hundred bucks a month, and damn, don’t I sound extremely spoiled?  I live in the suburbs, where the streets are wider, the signs are bigger, the air is cleaner and the noise is, well, less.  So even though millions of people work and live in the city, and do this every day, I’m not used to it.  I hear my self-complaints, and I remind myself that my pay is better, I am getting more exercise, and I am on a new adventure! That doesn’t stop my ego from complaining when I get on the road in the morning, but each day, I recognize its voice and I remind myself of all the good in my life.  I have a new job!  New people to get to know, more opportunity!  “Enter instead, into the intense, spiritual beauty of moving and flowing without necessarily knowing which way to go or how you’ll get there.  Believe, believe, believe.”

Let me know in the comments what you are trying that is different, and out of your comfort zone.  Tell me why it’s hard, but why it’s worth it.

Step 3-Having The Courage To Go Beyond-Monday, April 16, 2018

Step 3 is all about letting go….something I’ve been working on for years.  It’s about allowing things to come to you, instead of you forcing things to happen. It means trusting whatever higher power you have, to have your back.  Being grounded in knowing that no matter how circumstances appear to be, there are forces at work for you, that you can’t see, arranging your life to work out well for you.  How does this knowing translate in our behavior?  It means doing our best not to force things to happen, letting life flow, instead of structuring and mapping out every little thing.  It means not getting angry or frustrated when it seems like nothing good is coming.  Is this easy to do?  Of course not!  Your ego will rear its little head, telling you that the only way to succeed is to force effort, to control yours and other people’s actions.  When I first started practicing this art, I was terrified.  I remember thinking that if I let go of my fear and control, “what would I have left?”  That was a shocking revelation for me.  I didn’t even recognize at the time, that I was so addicted to fear and control. pexels-photo-133579.jpeg

One of the hardest situations in my life to let go of is, trusting that my financial life will work out well for me.  I’ve experienced so much change in regards to jobs and how and where to live, in the last 5 years.  Change has come more quickly within this time period than ever before in my life, and I find myself here again.  Being out of work used to throw me into a total panic, but now I am much more calm about it.  Even though I have only enough money to pay for the second half of my rent for this month, and enough food to see me through next week, I am making the decision to trust that all will work out well.  I have a bootcamp for a job next week.  That day will determine if I get the job I was interviewed for last week.  I’ve also applied to be a Lyft driver, which hasn’t been approved yet.  So, it’s easy to let stress take control.  I try not to let it, but there are signs in my body that tell me that I haven’t perfected letting go yet; the tightness in my neck, and the headaches.   But as I write this I tell myself that all is well, and that there are new adventures for me on the horizon.  Each job I’ve had in the last 5 years has been better and better.  Better financially, better with the kinds of people and management I work with.  I’ve changed too.  I handle myself in different ways than I used to.  I’ve replaced fear with excitement in interviews, which makes me come off as confident and at ease.  I went from having jobs where I was micro managed, (something that makes me so nervous and really prone to making lots of mistakes) to jobs where I have a lot of autonomy, where I have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

What do you have a hard time letting go of, and how does it affect you?  Let me know in the comments below.

Expanding Your Awareness-Wednesday April 11, 2018

Stuart Wilde says that, “daily life is a symbol of the inner you.  In using your ordinary five senses to their fullest, noticing and watching the signs, it assists you in the development of a sixth sense.”  Stu recommends that we count chairs, and people in a room; becoming very observant of everything that is going on.  I personally don’t think that we need to count everything.  If we are trying to feel more, and get good at listening to our Inner Beings, we can stay aware of what we’re feeling when we walk into a room.  We can see if we can feel what others in the room’s emotions may be.  His point is really, when something happens in front of you or to you, stop and ask, “what is the meaning of this?”  The reason this thing is happening, right now, for you to see, means that the message is for you.  man-person-people-emotions.jpg

Recently, I’ve been observing something that isn’t happening.  The unemployment agency’s website doesn’t work.  When I called them, and did what they told me to do, guess what?  The website still doesn’t work!  Plus, it’s virtually impossible to get a human being to talk to over there. They also have a new phone interview process, that is scheduled about 3 weeks since I last worked, and they have 10 more days after that, to decide if they will give me unemployment!  So I will be waiting for at least a month or more for them to give me money.  I already most likely have a job that will begin next week.  I just need to go to a, “bootcamp” first, and provided I pass, I will have a job.  So my strongest feeling is the Universe is telling me to stop messing with the Unemployment site’s website, and just look for a gig or part-time job until I begin working full-time.  My gut right now is telling me that this job that requires a bootcamp will be a good thing.

I’ll let you know how things work out.  But for now, no more dealing with unemployment!

Expanding Your Awareness-Step 2 Monday, April 9, 2018

Well, I haven’t heard from my former co-worker yet.  So, that intuition didn’t really fly.  Remember, I’m listening to my Inner Guide and paying more attention to how I feel.  The other day, the thought that there was going to be an earthquake popped into my mind, and I thought, “Naw, there hasn’t been one in so long”, and then I said a little prayer, “I am safe from earthquakes”, then I let the thought go.  Then I got ready and left the house, and in my car, I hear that there was just an earthquake in Channel Islands.  That’s about 15 minutes from where I live.  I must have been on the road, because I didn’t feel it.  It was about a 5.3 in strength. Decent size.  Now I know my Inner Guide was letting me know it was coming, and I was protected from it. (I hate earthquakes!  They have always scared me to the point of uncontrollable shaking.) .

Next in Step 2, is to go to someplace busy, and sit and people watch.  Pay attention to my opinions of the people walking by.  Then see if my thoughts are ones that will bring good or harm to my life.  Then, I am to pay attention to my thoughts on a regular basis,


and acknowledge the unkind and judgie thoughts, then turn them into loving, non-judgie thoughts.  I discovered that when I know I’m supposed to be watching my thoughts, no bad thoughts come into my mind. I just observe people.  Today, I forgot about that, and felt some irritation at some high schoolers who were playing  a rough game of catch with a football near me….the whole afternoon!  It annoys me because I’ve been hit in the head several times in these innocent situations.  So, my immediate thought was that, “these testosterone driven boys feel the need to show off on the beach, right in front of me.”  It made me realize that I do still think mean things about people sometimes.  I have a super tough time when people are consistently rude and talk down to me.  I tell myself that it’s not personal, that it’s their issue, but, damn, it’s challenging at times!

Please comment and let me know what you have a hard time with.