Step 3-Having The Courage To Go Beyond-Tuesday, May 2, 2018

In step 3, Stuart tells us to, “agree with yourself, in a quiet moment of prayer or contemplation, that you do have the courage to be different. You will change, and you will fight the ego’s lack of energy by embracing a few new ideas.”  This may seem like an easy thing to do, but for me, isn’t so simple.

In my job search recently, I decided to expand how far in distance I am willing to travel for work.  For decades, I have only been willing to drive no further than about 2o minutes one way.  Granted, most of those years, I was primarily taking care of my children.  But in the past 4 years, there really hasn’t been any other reason not to travel further, if  the opportunity seemed good, other than the fact that I absolutely loathe commuting.  A daily one hour drive in traffic is about as painful to me as getting a tooth pulled! pexels-photo-1031698.jpeg

But, I am committed to opening up my horizon’s and I figured that there may be more chances for success in the city.  So, I took a job that has a 45 minute commute one way.  I’m in my second week, thankfully, my manager asked that I come in earlier, so my drive is about 35 minutes long.  Not too bad.  But, just as Stuart mentions, the ego is not going to like what I’m doing to change, and will argue with me with, ‘logic and emotion.’  I find myself, on a daily basis, bemoaning the way people drive in the city.  I avoid at least one accident per day, if not more.  I have to walk, God forbid, across a busy intersection to get to work, as parking is over a hundred bucks a month, and damn, don’t I sound extremely spoiled?  I live in the suburbs, where the streets are wider, the signs are bigger, the air is cleaner and the noise is, well, less.  So even though millions of people work and live in the city, and do this every day, I’m not used to it.  I hear my self-complaints, and I remind myself that my pay is better, I am getting more exercise, and I am on a new adventure! That doesn’t stop my ego from complaining when I get on the road in the morning, but each day, I recognize its voice and I remind myself of all the good in my life.  I have a new job!  New people to get to know, more opportunity!  “Enter instead, into the intense, spiritual beauty of moving and flowing without necessarily knowing which way to go or how you’ll get there.  Believe, believe, believe.”

Let me know in the comments what you are trying that is different, and out of your comfort zone.  Tell me why it’s hard, but why it’s worth it.

Author: conniecamorlinga

Seeker of beauty, love, peace, happiness and spirituality. Life is a journey, and I believe that there is something to be learned in all experiences. Looking to improve not only my life and the world I live in, but the lives of others and the world that they live in too!

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