Friday, March 30, 2018

Infinite Self-33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde

Step 1

I Am God                  

I know now that there is energy, or life force in everything.  I’ve tried in the past to see auras, with little success. But last weekend my daughter came over in the evening to talk.  As I was listening to her, I saw a golden aura around her head and shoulders.  It was an amazing thing to see.

Stuart Wilde says that you can see the life force in trees, but instead of an aura, he describes it as, “enormous flamelike spirals of energy firing out from the tree in all directions.”  So, I thought I would add this to my routine.  I went out to the backyard with a hot cup of tea, to see if I could see the, ‘flamelike spirals of energy.’  I sat and took some deep breaths, and closed my eyes to relax.  Stu says to look at the top of a tree at dusk, then after about 30-60 seconds I believe, you shift your eyes to the sky to the right of the tree.  Then, you focus back to the tree, while still staring at the sky.  I performed this exercise over and over.  Let me tell ya, it’s pretty distracting when cute little hummingbirds keep whirring past me to chase each other and drink the sweet stuff in the hummingbird feeder.  But, I persisted.  Still no flaming spirals.  Some more deep breaths and I try again.  This time, the full moon begins to peek through one of the trees, slowly creeping upwards in the night sky.  Oh, what a sight!  Damn…I’m distracted again.  The moon continues to pull my attention from the trees and the sky.  I didn’t get to see the energy of the tree, but I did enjoy a peaceful, half hour in nature; something I’ve forgotten to do these last few years.  It’s probably going to take some time and practice to see the spirals, I’ll let you know when I see them.

You might be wondering…what’s the point of doing this?  The reasoning is, that if we can physically see the energy in anything, we can see that God’s energy flows through everything.  When we are able to see this, we will be able to realize what kind of power really dwells in all of us.  What are we really capable of?  What am I really capable of?  What is my journey all about?  What will these steps lead me to?  I’m excited to find out.





Author: conniecamorlinga

Seeker of beauty, love, peace, happiness and spirituality. Life is a journey, and I believe that there is something to be learned in all experiences. Looking to improve not only my life and the world I live in, but the lives of others and the world that they live in too!

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