Sunday, March 25, 2018


The Book: Infinite Self-33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde: September 24,1946-May 1, 2013

Stuart Wilde opened a jeans company after college, and it made him loads of money.  At some point, he just got tired of the people, the money, everything in his life.  He left his posh home, didn’t bother to sell it. He had tons of equity in it and he knew the bank would be happy to take it off his hands, so he locked the door with everything in it, including his clothes, chucked the key and left in search of something better. That something better, was his spirituality.  He quickly found a guru and began a very disciplined life to find what in life really makes one happy.  That’s the book!

The Blogger: Connie Graf-Seeker of happiness, peace and a stable income.  I currently work in inside sales.  Finding it more challenging to make a living than I had originally thought.  So it occurred to me; this is the perfect time to start a blog.  I realized recently, that I’ve pretty much hidden who I am from the world, not because I’m ashamed of who I am, but especially in today’s world, if I show you who I am, there will undoubtedly be people who criticize.  But, I’ve gotten to the point where, I will seriously not be happy with myself if I don’t share who I am.  I don’t wanna die, and look back and say, “Damn, why didn’t I ‘dare greatly’ like Brene Brown tells us to do?”

My mission: To do the 33 steps of Stuart Wilde’s book.  Working on myself has been a life long journey.  So doing these steps, and recording them will also be a journey that isn’t quantifiable in a short period of time.  So for the sake of blogging, I will take 2 week increments to work on each step, and blog on my experience with them.  33 steps, 66 weeks.

Hmmm, beginning tomorrow,  we’ll see how it goes…..pexels-photo-730218.jpeg

Author: conniecamorlinga

Seeker of beauty, love, peace, happiness and spirituality. Life is a journey, and I believe that there is something to be learned in all experiences. Looking to improve not only my life and the world I live in, but the lives of others and the world that they live in too!

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