Monday, March 26, 2018

Infinite Self-33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde

Step 1

I Am God

I have to say, I don’t really care for the name of this first step.  I’ve always thought of God as a spirit being that is outside of myself.  Stuart mentions that it doesn’t really mean that I am God, as in, “I am the only God”, or ,”I am the One True God”, or, “I am THE Creator of the whole universe.” It just means that the God Force is within each of us. It gives me some power, and accountability for my own life. 

After reading this step, I went to bed, thinking about what I am about to embark on, (blogging, creating a website, doing these steps, sharing my experiences with the world.) Yikes!  It clearly scared a good night’s sleep away. I doubted myself, as I often do.  But come morning, I resigned myself to forge ahead.

As I got ready for work this morning and as I drove into work, I recited the mantra over and over again; “I am the God Force within, just as other people are the God Force within.”  It helps me to remember that I was created with the ability to create a life for myself, and others are created with the same intention.  It helps me to realize that every person on our planet, is also an extension of God, just like I am.  That way, when I’m tempted to judge, or feel like my life is leading me instead of me leading it, I remember that that is just a lie I tell myself, or should I say that my ego tells me, so that I can blame whatever circumstances I find myself in, on somebody else.

I think this will be a really good thing to remind myself of every day.pexels-photo-236636.jpeg

Author: conniecamorlinga

Seeker of beauty, love, peace, happiness and spirituality. Life is a journey, and I believe that there is something to be learned in all experiences. Looking to improve not only my life and the world I live in, but the lives of others and the world that they live in too!

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