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You might be wondering what a fringe dweller is.  It’s a term that Stuart Wilde used to describe people who are living on the fringe of society.  People, who from childhood, haven’t felt like they belong, or are a part of society.  Fringe dwellers are people who gain energy from time spent alone.  They, “see life as energy and looking at themselves they begin to embrace the truth. they move from ego to Spirit. It hurts at first, and there is much to process and to go beyond…If you are a spiritual Fringe Dweller – or if you are becoming one – the first point of reconciliation  is to admit it. You have to understand that you have projected yourself out of this world, so you may never really fit in anywhere.  People will mostly reject your ideas. You may never gain the recognition or acceptance to which your talents may suggest you’re entitled to…Trying to fit in is silly…it burns energy. Wake up to the weirdo within you and don’t apologize for it. Just be it. Love it. Nurture it. Look within it…”